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How to Save on Your Hotel Supplies

How to save more money on hotel supplies


‘A penny saved is a penny earned.’ 

Hoteliers must keep tabs on both consumable and reusable expenses, as well as one-time purchases like refrigerators and carts

Here’re the six best ways to save on hotel supplies: 

Research & Compare Hotel Suppliers

Compare prices and quality from reputable suppliers when you buy hotel supplies online.  

Don’t settle for the first hotel supplier you find. 

Or, skip the legwork and use hotel supplies procurement platforms like Lilo Hotel Supplies that curate a wide array of products in different price ranges from thousands of brands. 

Keep up with Price Changes 

The world of hotel supplies is anything but static. Manufacturing processes, supply chain dynamics, policies in the country of origin, and prices of raw materials tend to change every year. 

Seasonal demand and market conditions further affect prices. 

Monitor price trends for frequently purchased items to stock up your inventory at the right time.

Negotiate: Unlock Wholesale Prices for Hotel Supplies  

Negotiate with vendors to buy hotel supplies at wholesale rates. 

You can also leverage marketplaces like Lilo that utilize their expertise and scale to secure wholesale prices for hotel supplies from top vendors.  

Individual hotels and chains typically lack this advantage.

Minimize Deliveries to Maximize Savings 

Analyze your hotel’s purchase orders to identify patterns. Can you increase the order size or consolidate multiple orders into a single shipment? 

This helps vendors reduce packaging, handling, and shipping costs, which may translate to discounts on hotel supplies. 

Yes, it can be challenging to commit to bulk hotel supplies. But reputable platforms for hotel supplies do offer flexible payment options. 

Hiring Procurement Consultants 

Procurement experts or hotel procurement companies refine hotels’ procurement processes by sourcing the best hotel supplies at the most competitive prices. 

They negotiate on your behalf and identify areas where spending has been wasteful.

At its core, Lilo also leverages the team‘s deep well of experience in helping hotels as procurement experts.

Turn to B2B Platforms to Save on Hotel Supplies 

Many hotel general managers have now embraced online B2B platforms, such as Lilo, to reduce costs & drive efficiency

This way, you get instant access to exclusive wholesale rates negotiated by experts. You can choose from a network of reliable vendors or onboard your preferred vendors.  

A B2B platform streamlines the procurement process with a single hub, freeing up time and resources for other priorities. 

Final Words 

Do not compromise on the quality. 

“Cheap” and “affordable” – are two different things. So, stop searching for cheap hotel supplies. 

Verify a vendor’s credentials and the quality of supplies they offer, ensuring the goods can withstand heavy use. 

At Lilo, we conduct a thorough check on each supplier, assessing their track record in maintaining product quality.

This comprehensive vetting process gives you peace of mind, knowing you’re getting top-notch supplies at competitive prices and saving more money on hotel supplies.