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Meet the Co-Founders of Lilo Hotel Supplies


Meet the Co-Founders of Lilo Hotel Supplies

Lilo – the ultimate platform for hotels that takes menial tasks off your hands and brings supplies’ costs down!

Meet Nadine ElAshkar – CEO

Nadine ElAshkar has over a decade of experience in building and growing companies. Her journey began with the creation of the largest online travel agency in Egypt, boasting over one million subscribers.

She has a breadth of experience – having worked at McKinsey, and NFX. She holds an MBA from Stanford.

Adventurous at heart – despite embarking on several risky and adrenaline-filled journeys in the past, she says that building Lilo is her most thrilling and rewarding one yet.

Meet Javier Araya – COO

Javier Araya is not only the COO and Co-founder of Lilo but also a seasoned entrepreneur, having built not one, but two other successful startups in the past, having expanded and led operations through several different countries.

An engineer by training, Javier also  holds a Masters Degree from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Throughout his life, Javier has always enjoyed playing teamsports. His strategy is simple: surrounding himself with the best, being tenacious, and chasing ambitious goals. He follows this strategy religiously, inside or outside the field.

Building Lilo has been an exciting journey for Javier and Nadine. Their goal is more than just creating a business; it’s putting all their expertise into creating the ultimate autopilot platform for B2B commerce, where businesses effortlessly discover and procure the products they need.

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