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Put Your Money & Time Where Your Mouth Is: A Hotelier’s Guide to Time Management

Hotelier's guide to time management - stop micromanaging and start leading


A hotelier’s life is a whirlwind of activity. 

So, time management in the hotel industry is no easy feat. 

From tracking guest check-ins, service quality, and inventory to managing staff, daily operations, and more, you put on different hats each day.  

But, hoteliers cannot and should not devote time to micromanaging everything; they should invest time and money to help others do more (and better) with less. 

Here’s a brief guide to time management for hoteliers. 

Encourage Managers to Use Task Lists

From housekeeping to F&B, encourage your team leaders to create, follow, and track daily, weekly, and even monthly to-do lists. Motivate them to prioritize tasks based on urgency and importance. 

Devote your time to review such lists at routine intervals. Be sure to acknowledge completed tasks and help managers adjust priorities. 

Delegate Tasks & Train Your Staff 

You can’t do it all. Trying to do everything yourself is a recipe for burnout.

Your time and capital are better spent overseeing the big picture and improving the hotel’s bottom line. 

So, delegate tasks well-suited to your managers’ skills and experience. Make time to draft crystal-clear instructions and invest in training opportunities for your staff. 

This will help you free up your time for strategic planning and other initiatives focused on driving hotel revenue and increasing guest satisfaction. 

When your team has the knowledge and skills to handle everyday hotel operations confidently, they become less reliant on your direct supervision.

Plus, a confident and capable team is a happy team, and that translates to positive guest experiences and lower employee turnover rates.  

Automate Repetitive Processes for Effective Time Management in Hotel Industry 

One of the best ways for hotel GMs to manage their time is to streamline workflows and minimize manual intervention. 

From bookings and housekeeping notifications to procurement and inventory management, you can automate a variety of repetitive processes. 

Automation in the hotel industry does not just reduce labor costs and administrative burdens. It will also help everyone save more time; plus, you can monitor everything with the click of a button. 

Keep Everyone on the Same Page

Use regular team meetings to discuss upcoming events, address guest concerns, and brainstorm solutions together. 

Create an environment of open communication where your team feels comfortable bringing up roadblocks so that they don’t escalate into time-consuming problems later. 

Always Be On Time: Lead by Example 

If you’ve spent any time in the hospitality sector, you’d know that punctuality is the bedrock of professionalism in this industry.

Who better than a hotel general manager to exemplify this? 

hotelier's guide to time management - punctuality is the cornerstone of hospitality industry

From the newest housekeeping recruit to the managers in housekeeping, operations, and finance – you can set the tone for the entire team. 

Demonstrate your commitment to time management. Be on time for all meetings and appointments, regardless of who you’re meeting with, be it staff, a VIP guest, a vendor, or a partner. 

Value your own time and the time of others, to cultivate a culture of timeliness in your hotel workplace. 

How Lilo Can Help Hoteliers Save Time on Procurement

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It’s like having a dedicated team of hotel procurement consultants working 24/7 to secure the best deals on quality supplies for your hotel.

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Choosing Lilo as your hospitality procurement partner frees you from the daily burden of managing procurement.

Once you truly understand how time management works in the hotel industry, you can focus on what truly matters – delivering exceptional guest experiences and running a successful property.