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Most Common Mistakes When Choosing a Hotel Supplier

Do not ignore your unique requirements when selecting a hotel supplier


Choosing the wrong hotel supplier can have a domino effect; it can impact everything from guest satisfaction to your bottom line.

Inconsistent product quality can lead to guest complaints, unreliable deliveries can disrupt operations, and hidden costs can eat into your profits. 

Here in this post, we will discuss the most common mistakes hotels make when selecting suppliers, along with strategies to help you make the right call. 

Mistake #1 Lack of In-Depth Research

Do you pick the first supplier you come across? Many hotels fall into this trap. They do not take time to research potential suppliers or evaluate their track record. 

You shouldn’t rely solely on recommendations shared in magazines and newsletters or at industry events; skip the homework and you could receive subpar hotel supplies that directly impact guest satisfaction. 

Mistake #2: Prioritizing Price Over Value

Hotels should seek opportunities to save on hotel purchases. However, price shouldn’t be the sole deciding factor when choosing a hotel supplier.

Look beyond the sticker price - consider the value of goods you are sourcing for your hotel

The cheapest option might seem attractive initially, but it could come at a hidden cost for your hotel. 

Low-quality supplies require frequent replacements and fail to impress guests, ultimately costing you more in the long run.

A dedicated hospitality procurement platform like Lilo can help you secure competitive prices without having to risk compromising on product quality. 

With Lilo, you can conveniently compare prices for various hotel supplies and be confident that you have access to a wide range of reputable suppliers for each item.

Mistake #3: Ignoring After-Sales Service 

Many hotels fail to consider if suppliers under consideration offer responsive customer support or whether they have a system in place for handling product defects or returns. 

Do not ignore after-sales service when you select a hotel supplier

A prompt response to product issues, shipping delays, or requests for urgent deliveries can help minimize guest inconvenience and preempt disruptions in hotel operations. 

Prioritize suppliers who demonstrate a commitment to exceptional post-purchase support.

Mistake #4: Selecting Too Many Suppliers 

Juggling multiple communication channels, delivery schedules, and invoice cycles is not a good strategy at all. Managing a multitude of suppliers for various hotel supplies can quickly turn into a logistical nightmare. 

This is why experienced hotel general managers consolidate their supplier network whenever possible. 

To consolidate hotel purchases, you can partner with a reputable platform for hotel supplies that offers a wide range of products across different categories. 

This helps simplify communication and streamline inventory management. You can prevent stockouts, purchase wholesale supplies at wholesale rates, and track all orders, par levels, and invoices at one place. 

Mistake #5: Not Specifying What You Need 

Are you analyzing supplier catalogs or quotes without clearly outlining your needs? Take a step back and define your needs clearly.

What type of linens are best suited for your hotel’s brand image? Which amenities do you need to make your hotel stand out? What are the desired delivery timelines? 

If you fail to analyze your unique requirements, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of options available. This can lead to hotel supply purchases that don’t align with your business goals. 

So, take the time to define your needs and priorities before choosing a supplier.

Mistake #6: Failure to Utilize One-Stop Hotel Procurement Platforms

Hotels overlooking one-stop hotel procurement platforms miss out on valuable opportunities to optimize their procurement processes. 

Integrating a hotel procurement platform like Lilo into your operations means that you can quickly compare or choose reputable suppliers, prevent stockouts, and gain access to quality products at wholesale rates.