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Unique Amenities That Make Your Hotel Stand Out

Amenities That Make Your Hotel Stand Out, Impress Guests and Raise Your Bottom Line


From tech-savvy rooms that cater to the needs of modern travelers to wellness options that rejuvenate the spirit, and local flavors that delight the senses, your hotel’s amenities are more than just services. 

They’re a statement of your brand identity.

Hotel amenities are thoughtful additions beyond necessities. They directly shape the guest experience and influence their decision to return or recommend your hotel.

Today, amenities like room service, breakfast, laundry service, air conditioning, clean linens, fast Wi-Fi, charging stations, free parking, luggage storage, toiletries, bathrobes, and slippers are considered essential (expected basics). 

Therefore, hotel general managers go beyond the obvious to create memorable guest experiences.

To help you pick the right amenities for your hotel, we’ve compiled a list of ideas that can delight your guests:  

1. Welcome gifts

First impressions count. 

Personalize the welcome experience with gifts that resonate with the guest’s interests or the local culture. 

2. Kid-friendly options

Hotel amenities tailored to young guests, such as cribs, rollaway beds, play areas, kids’ clubs, and babysitting services can contribute to a more positive stay for families. 

For a welcome basket, consider age-appropriate items such as games and puzzles, activity books, coloring supplies, or themed gifts. 

3. Pet perks

Pet ownership surged during the pandemic. 

Over 23 million households in the US acquired a pet during the pandemic alone.  

From custom beds and gourmet treats to a variety of pet supplies and pet-sitting/walking services, accommodate furry friends with thoughtful amenities, making travel easier for pet owners. 

4. Cultural immersion

Engage guests with local culture through workshops or classes. 

From cooking to art, such amenities help provide a deeper connection to the destination.

5. Curated minibars

Offer minibars with a twist, featuring local delicacies or personalized selections.

6. Mobility solutions

Provide bikes or scooters if your hotel is located in a commutable or scenic area. Help your guests explore the locality with ease and convenience. 

7. Renting facilities

Depending on the type of property you run, you can offer guests the chance to rent various amenities tailored to their interests. 

Hotels catering to outdoor enthusiasts, for instance, can source equipment like backpacks, windbreakers, down jackets, and trekking poles for hiking and other outdoor activities from a reliable hotel amenities supplier and provide it on rent to guests.  

Resorts, on the other hand, can offer water & leisure gear such as goggles, inflatables, rollerblades, and pool sliders to enhance guests’ recreational experiences.

8. Local flair

Infuse your offerings with the local vibe. 

For example, you can partner with local guides or businesses to offer guided tours. 

Such amenities help create authentic guest experiences. 

9. Business facilities 

Merge productivity with comfort. Cater to business travelers, event attendees, and others traveling for work. 

A recent survey by Morgan Stanley indicates that corporate travel budgets have nearly recovered to pre-pandemic levels.  

Your hotel can offer friendly coworking spaces, meeting areas, and private in-room offices, fully equipped with amenities, such as – 

10. Advanced technology 

There are over 63 million smart homes in the US alone. So, guests today increasingly expect hotels to be equipped with the latest technology. 

You may consider amenities like mobile check-in, keyless entry, voice-activated controls, bluetooth speakers,  and on-demand video service.

11. Digital concierge services

Offer tailored concierge services that provide personalized activity and dining recommendations to guests at the push of a button.  

Final Words

For a hotel, standing out goes beyond simply meeting guest expectations; it’s about exceeding them. 

An Expedia Group report suggests that more than  two-thirds of guests are willing to pay more for their favorite amenities in hotels. 

Before you finalize your list of hotel amenities, figure out what fits your budget and brand, ensuring every amenity you offer packs a punch. 

At Lilo, we are committed to helping you cut the cost of hotel supplies you need to support various amenities and services. This allows you to focus on what matters most: creating delightful guest experiences.